As many of you may have seen I went to Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this weekend and got to meet many amazing people I admire. But someone could not share that with me and we’ve always talked about going to a Con together to meet these people. But still, I had Barb and Lindsay record a little message for her, which I sent her privately yesterday but I wanted to share with you guys! I have the dorkiest laugh ever but they were funny so I couldn’t hold it inside! There you go, audreydoudy, this one’s for you! :)


Have you EVER seen a more sassy Dalek walk-off?? “ooo yeah, thats right. I said it. Ain’t got time for yo shit Doctor. Rusty OUT *dalek z-neck*”

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it’s impossible.

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I’m Barbara from Roosterteeth, and this is the rt recap!

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Does anyone else reply to a text mentally but not physically then forgets to actually reply all together or is that just me

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  • Kevin: I just caught a fly in my hand -
  • Aleks: Did you eat it?
  • Kevin: Because it was flying ar-- No. Ehh hold on.
  • Aleks: Dude you should tape off -- Like, rip off its wings and then tape it down, and then say dirty things to it.
  • Kevin: whAt
  • Aleks: You should be like 'You've been a dirty fly.'
  • Kevin: (laughing) What the fuck is wRONG WITH YOU?
  • Aleks: You've been quite the naughty fly haven't you? Just flying around here.

Happy 22nd Birthday Aleks! (1st of September, 1992) I hope you enjoy your birthday and that you spend it with the ones that matter the most to you. You were the first creature I subscribed to and I could not be anymore proud of you and what you have done over the years. You mean the world to me and I hope this is only the beginning of a new era. - love, jemma aka. creaturehubs

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This. All the awards for Penelope. Here’s a fairy tale about a girl cursed at birth with a huge flaw in her genetics: the nose of a pig. Forced to grow up hidden away in her home, with a mother who scared her from ever entering the outside world, in fear of people cringing at her face and ridiculing her. She spends her whole life being told by her family that the only way to break the curse is to marry a man, for only another’s acceptance of her face would break the spell. But in the end, she runs away from her wedding, realizing that she doesn’t want to enter a loveless marriage just to break a curse she was born with. She doesn’t need a man to cure her, because she’s perfectly fine exactly the way she is. She finally accepts herself and loves herself for who she is, flaws and all. And that, my friends, is how the curse gets broken. Not by a man, not by true love. But by loving and accepting herself. Ugh, absolute perfection.

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Happy Birthday, Aleks - hope you have an amazing one because you only deserve the best!

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